Firewood and Log Sales in Woking, Guildford & the Surrey Area

Here at C Davies Landscapes & Tree Care, we strive to provide our services in as ethical and environmentally-conscious a manner as possible. A key component of this is not allowing waste materials from procedures such as tree surgery to go to waste. One way in which we do this to undertake kindling, firewood and log sales of the materials generated from acts like tree felling or sectional dismantling. By doing this, not only do we stop the felled tree going to waste, we also provide customers in Woking, Guildford and across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex with an environmentally-friendly, sustainable fuel.


When it comes to kindling, firewood and log sales, we have a wide variety of fully seasoned, barn-stored hardwoods available, including:


  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Sycamore
  • Holly
  • Thorn
  • Apple
  • Cherry


For customers in Woking, Guildford and the neighbouring areas with wood burners or multi-fuel stoves, the pricing of these woods breaks down as follows:


  • Builder’s Bulk Bag: £70 (£60 for each additional bag)
  • Full Truck-Load: £280 (Calculates to £56 per bulk bag)
  • Kindling: £4 per bag, 3 bags for £10 or 7 bags for £20


For the most up-to-date information regarding our stock, to place an order or to discuss our tree surgery services, please contact us.

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The Importance of Premium-Quality Seasoned Logs & Firewood


If you’ve ever experienced a particularly smoky bonfire, you don’t need us to remind you of how unpleasant an experience it is. Not only that, it’s also a shameful waste of wood. But why do some fires burn poorly while producing excessive amounts of smoke? The answer lies with firewood that hasn’t been dried for long enough.


When it comes to kindling, firewood and log sales, nothing is more important to buyers in Woking, Guildford and across the South East than the internal moisture levels. If the wood for sale hasn’t been left to dry long enough, the water content will remain too high and, if used, the fire wastes energy heating up the excess moisture, weakening its own power and creating an unpleasant smoky atmosphere.


As a locally-trusted company serving Woking, Guildford and the nearby counties, we start drying our wood as soon after felling or tree surgery procedures as possible. The seasoning process starts in mid-winter when dormant trees have naturally low levels of water at approximately 30% to 40%. By cutting this wood into small, manageable pieces for firewood and log sales and leaving it to dry over spring and summer, it will be ready for use that same winter.


By the time spring time arrives, however, water and sap levels increase. For wood procured from felling or tree surgery services during this time, the seasoning process won’t be ready in time for the coming winter.


We guarantee that the materials in our firewood and log sales have the optimal water content of 20 to 25%, providing our customers in Guildford, Woking and the surrounding areas with crisp, hot and efficient fires.

To discuss kindling, firewood and log sales in Woking, Guildford and across the South East, call 07825 760 951.


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